You and I are Only One Grain of Sand on Malibu beach

You and I are Only One Grain of Sand on Malibu beach

Life is crazy.

Despite the fact that there are billions upon billions of individuals upon this earth, somehow, we pursue the belief that ours matters.

Think about that.

You and I are just small beings on this planet, a grain of sand on Malibu beach. Not even that. One song in all the songs out there. One letter on the pages of the great and legendary Harry Potter series.

According to the laws of mathematics, and the fact that the limit of a small number over infinity is zero, you and I mean nothing. We mean a number that has infinitely no end in a world with an infinite amount of people.

And thinking of not just those alive and breathing H2O right now at this instant, we have to consider those beings who once breathed H2O and then didn’t. Those such as Abe Lincoln who are gone. Who walked this planet at one point, but no longer do. We have to consider those beings that may or may not be in another universe.

Why should we care about our own lives when there are so many more lives out there? Why should we care that ours is crazy?

Why should we care that we, who are only a grain of sand, stand out? That’s impossible. A grain of sand simply can’t be noticed when surrounded by the infinite number of other grains of sand that are either sitting out on the beach, frying in the sun or lost deep under the waves of life.

Why should we even try?
Ashlyn Taylour

Florida: Day 4

Florida: Day 4

Fort Lauderdale Beach

I don’t have much time to write this, so as a warning, it’ll be quite short.

Do you guys like when I post my high and low of the day? PLEASE let me know! I’ll probably make it a regular thing from now. SO here’s them from today.

High: We went to a beach in Fort Lauderdale and I read a LOT. It was so nice to just relax and read. I also got some pretty pictures.

Low: So, my dad has had poison ivy these past few days and guess what?! I have it now as well. Lovely, isn’t it?  And I also got even more burnt, if that’s even possible. Now my back hurts even when I’m not moving. It’s due to all of my reading as I was lying on my stomach with my back vulnerable to the sun’s rays. Ah, I should take my own words: Pain is only temporary. It’s a hard thing to do though.
Ashlyn Taylour